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DSC00179The world renown Deep-sea Fishing Charter experience, right here in Cape Town, South Africa.

Since 1993 we've built an enviable reputation for catching fish, proving that "we don't just take you fishing,.... we take you catching"

Rob Naysmith, (also effectionalely known as 'CAPT. BOB'), of Offshore Sportfishing Charters has been the tried and trusted fishing charter operator in Cape Town since 1993.  That's a formidable 20 years in the business that few others, if any, can boast, and with that pedigree comes a wealth on knowledge on local fishing conditions, when the best times are to catch the fish of your choice, and exactly where to take you.  Our enviable history of catching fish is legendry in Cape waters, but we are most proud of the large numbers of fish we release for future generations.

Fishing has been in Rob's blood since childhood and with the privilege of having fished long the entire South African coast, he found the seas around Cape Town, and more specifically the Peninsula, to be the most consistent and highly productive throughout the year.  With this intimate knowledge of the area of operation, of what his clients want and expect from a deep-sea fishing charter operation, and the uncanny ability to think like the fish, he is able to boast many hundreds, if not thousands, of extremely happy guests over the years.

Sunrise over False Bay   "

We probably fish in the most idyllic setting to be found anywhere in the world".  From the backdrop of the majestic Table Mountain to the mystique and sheer awesomeness of the world renown, and at times treacherous, Cape Point (also fondly known as 'The Cape of Good Hope' or notoriously as 'The Cape of Storms').  Our coastline is a marvel of sandy beaches and vertical cliff faces of towering mountains that have lost half of their being to the seas.  And what really makes this area unique is that this is where two great oceans meet.  The seas around Cape Point are where the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean dissolve into the icy cold waters of the South Atlantic Ocean.

It is this meeting of the different currents of these two oceans that brings the abundance of sea life to the area.  All starting with the upwelling along the Atlantic side of the coast that brings vast quantities of plankton to our shores.  This plankton is the vital food source for the massive shoals of Pilchard, Anchovies, Mackerel and a host of other small pelagic fishes and squids, which in turn form the main food source of all our bigger predatory fish. This area also teems with Seals, Penguins, Whales and Dolphins so your chances of seeing some of these magnificent creatures up close whilst on a charter with us, is almost guaranteed. False Bay is also the home to many truly gigantic Great White Sharks and you shouldn't be surprised when one makes an unexpected appearance within a few feet of you.

Offshore Waters

Yellowfin TunaThe open ocean off Cape Point boasts one of the best areas in the world for catching the powerful Yellowfin Tuna. Found most commonly around an undersea canyon from 25 to 40 miles offshore, their season officially starts in October and lasts through till late June, however we have caught them in every month of the year.  These stunning, vividly coloured 'super beasts' range in size from a powerful 25kg (50lb) to a 'you don't want to hook one' monster going anything over 100kg (200lb), these fish have truly earned their reputation as the strongest fighting fish in the sea.  It is certainly not uncommon to find each client doing battle with two or three of these back-breaking monsters on a single trip.  And yes, Rob has had many trips where his charter haslanded and released over 40 big Yellowfin in a day.

In the same area we also find large shoals of Albacore (Longfin) Tuna, and depending on the time of year, will range from 10kg (20lb) to world record sized fish over 35kg (70lb).  We personally boated a current world record for this species off Cape Point.  These Tuna fight equally hard as any Yellowfin and are caught in the same manner, except that they come in bigger shoals and willingly rise to chum thrown in the water, where you can watch them eat your baits or set yourself up for a great fight by jigging for them.  "We've had many days with over 150 Albacore in a few hours".

Out here in the warm currents we also find Big-Eye Tuna, Southern Bluefin Tuna, a number of sizable Mako and Blue Sharks, as well as a few Dorado, the odd Wahoo, vast schools of Skipjack Tuna, with the occasional Black, Striped or Blue Marlin making an appearance from February to April.

 Inshore Waters


Closer inshore, the waters inside False Bay and extending in a radius of 5 miles around Cape Point, we find our multitude of smaller, but equally game fishes, in huge numbers.  These include the prized Southern Yellowtail, a highly migratory species that ranges from Kwa-Zulu Natal on our East Coast, to Seamount Vema, many miles off-shore on the West Coast, towards the Namibian Border.  This family of Yellowtail is also found and highly respected off New Zealand, Australia and South America with a very close, and identical looking relative off the Californian Coast.  They range in size from a few kilograms to around 15kg (30lb) although they grow to over 40kg (80lb).   We catch these feisty gamefish primarily by trolling but also by spinning, jigging and with poppers.  Generally in sizable shoals, fishing for Yellowtail is a great day's fishing charter.

Also found close in along our coast is the famous  Cape Snoek, a long, slender, bright sliver fish with a formidable set of teeth, much like the Great Barracudas … only much worse.  These fish, although most prolific during the Winter months, form the backbone of our inshore commercial fishery.  Once a shoal is located it is very common to have fish hooked up on every rod that has a line in the water … and they keep eating your baits or jigs until you stop catching them.  These fish range in size from 3 to 8kg with the average weight being around 5kg.  Don't be fooled by their apparent light weight, these Snoek fight extremely hard and are not easily boated.

Cooper Kob

During the Summer months, from October through to April, we enjoy the presence of the big reef and bottom dwelling fish into the False Bay area.  These include the sizable Kob (Kabeljou) that range in size from a few kilograms to over 50kg (100lb).  We also find large shoals of Cape Salmon (Geelbek, or Kelp Bass in California), not to be mistaken for any kind of Atlantic Salmon, that range in numbers from 20 to 30 fish to well over a few hundred.  Their sizes range from around 4kg to 12kg with 8 to 10kg being most common.   There are a host of smaller reef dwellers such as Red Roman, Hottentots, Jackopever (a kind of Rockcod), Red and White Stumpnose, Blacktail, and many others.

As in many areas with a high concentration of fish, we have our share of in-shore or coastal Sharks.  From the unbelievably enormous Great White Shark to the small Gully Sharks.  In our list we also include the strong fighting Bronze Whaler, the lightning fast Thresher Shark, the slow, powerful Ragged Tooth and Cow Sharks as well as the common Smooth Hound Sharks - most ranging in size from 50kg (100lb) to well over the 300kg (600lb) mark.  It is also quite common to hook a giant Ray or Skate in our waters so never be surprised if the fish you've been fighting for a few hours turns out to be a Skate of a few hundred kilograms and the size of a king size bed blanket .  We release all our Sharks, Skates and Rays and we do not target Great White Sharks, we release them as quickly and with the least amount of stress and trauma possible.

So if you're planning on fishing the Cape waters and your objective is to have a really great experience on the water while catching fish, you've definitely found the best Charter Operation … ask anyone who's been with us.  We cater for people of all ages and experience, in fact we specialise in helping the children catch a fish they'll remember for the rest of their lives.  And how many people in this world can boast having caught a fish over 100lb on their very first fishing trip … we know lots.

There's absolutely no doubt that in the fishing charter business, …  experience is EVERYTHING.  And that's why we can say without hesitation, "we don't just take you fishing, we take you 'catching".    We look forward to welcoming you aboard soon.

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We went fishing with rob on our visit to south Africa with the royal navy and it was with our doubt one of the best days iv had in a long time.

Rob is an absolute legend. He provided us with a cracking day out. The fishing was great with us catching sharks all day long including a lovely bronze whaler and spotted gully. Rob is extremely knowledgable and gave us great advice and has some greatly entertaining stories.

I fully recommend to anyone wanting to fish south Africa to go with rob


So from mikey, tic-tac, Ali and bob....rob, thank you very much for the day out. I will be in touch if I ever come to south Africa again and we will send you the pictures in the next couple of days

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Anyone can take you 'fishing' - as always, we take you 'catching'