Fishing Report

29th November 2003


This has been a great fishing week both in the Tuna grounds and closer inshore.   There are literally thousands of big Yellowfin from as close as 3 miles off Cape Point and Scarborough to about 30 miles.   The tuna range from about 50 to 90 kg and are in good strong condition.   All our fish have been taken on the troll mostly on the new Williamsons Depth Charge lures and Rapala CD 22’s.   Some have been taken on drift baits but with the vast number of food shoals in the water it is understandably very difficult to interest them in chunks of Pilchard.   The water is a warm 19 degrees and blue in colour – and these waters are moving right in onto Cape Point.   It will not be surprising to find these big Yellowfin around the Bellows and maybe inside False Bay soon.

There are shoals of Yellowtail the size of football fields feeding on the surface from SW Reef and the Bellows, all the way to Rocky Bank.   The fish are averaging from 3 to 10kg and are now at least showing a little more interest in our lures.   One technique I have worked out recently with these feeding shoals if they won’t take the lures, is to take the deep diving lures out the water and only troll surface lures.

The Cape Salmon (Geelbek) have been going crazy outside Cape Point as well as on the odd day in Buffels Bay.   It has not been unusual to land eight to ten fish out of one shoal.   These fish are averaging 6 to 10 kg and are taking well on Pilchards fished drift and just off the ground.   A strip of fresh squid with the Pilchard works wonders when the fish are a little shy.   A single hook trace with a 9/0 Kendel Round hook with or without a sliding 2 oz., ball sinker is all you need.

Last Sunday we had the first Marlin of the season up feeding on small Yellowfin next to the boat.   This is an excellent sign for things to come this season.   In all the splashing and thrashing on the surface, I didn’t get to see what kind of Marlin it was suffice to say it looked a fish of between 150 to 250 kg – but that could be an exaggeration in the excitement of the moment.  With it’s relatively short thick bill and not a predominantly high dorsal fin, I would narrow it down to being either a Black or Blue as opposed to a Striped.

Well, things are getting pretty hot out there now so take every opportunity you can to enjoy the fishing.   See you on the water.

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