Fishing Report

15th November 2003


And still the Yellowtail are playing hard-ball and fishing for them has become very frustrating.  Although we are catching a few, this fishing has gone beyond a joke.   There are literally thousands of them massed from Cape Point and the Bellows across to Rocky Bank but that is also where the huge schools of Anchovy are congregated.   And this is the reason for their blatant disregard for the amount of money we spend on our fancy shiny lures that do everything but taste like Anchovies.   The only way to catch them has been to be lucky enough to be next to a shoal when it feeds on the top of the water.   In the confusion of smashing an Anchovy school the Yellowtail get careless and inadvertently eat a spoon or trolled lure.   So yes, luck does play a big part in fishing.

Cape Salmon have made a concerted effort to make up for the frustration of the Yellowtail.   The shoals are spread from Cape Point, down past Millers Point and through to Strandfontein.   The fish we have been landing over the past couple of weeks have averaged between 6 and 10 kg.   Feeding mainly in the early morning and very late afternoons, although we have had fish all through the day in the deeper water, these fish are working on the shoals of Anchovy and Maasbanker.   Look in the blue 18 degree water from the Point to Simonstown and the discoloured water along Strandfontein.    Cape Salmon (Geelbek) feed predominantly over reefs and are generally found a meter or two off the ground.   Whole Pilchard or live Maasbanker have been our best baits.

There are also some very big Bronze Whaler sharks around for those interested in a good fight.   But please guy’s – let them go when you’re finished.   There is no point in killing them, sure take your photo’s but then release them for another day.   These fish are all over now and we have had some over the 150 pound mark already this season.   Baits set as for Kob and Cape Salmon will catch these fish.

There have been some good size Kob along Strandfontein after a strong SE wind.   Fish in the warm discoloured water from 8 to 20 meters in depth.   Live baits have been our most productive for the 12 to 20 kg fish.

Still lots of Snoek off Millers Point and Buffels Bay but remember your bag limit of 10 fish per day – and the inspectors have been very active so watch out.   Also beware of selling these fish unless you have a commercial licence.

LATEST:   The Yellowtail are moving into the Bay and can be seen in large shoals moving from the Point to Simonstown and Fish Hoek.   For those of you spinner fishermen who frequent the rocky outcrops, your chances of finding a passing shoal is now very good.   For the boat fishermen, trolling all along this area will find you some nice fish.

Crayfish season is now open but remember the size and bag limits, there have already been some heavy fines during the first weekend.

Those of you contemplating fishing out of Millers Point and Simonstown please do not fish in the marine reserve areas, especially from Millers Point to Smitswinkle Bay.   Not only is this a marine sanctuary but also a Sea Fisheries research area where they are studying our resident reef species which have been carefully tagged and monitored.    Over this past weekend I warned a boat to stop fishing and move out of the area. He must have thought he had found some secret reef and hit the jackpot as he was merrily catching Red Roman as fast as he could bait up.   Unfortunately the Fisheries Inspectors had seen him before I did and he was apprehended on the slipway.   I believe it was through ignorance that he was there but that is no excuse when it comes to the law.

The Millers Point reserve is from (and this is to be on the safe side) the rocks at Millers Point to 100 meters south of the rocks on the northern side of Smitswinkle Bay.   The reserve stretches out for a mile off the land.   No anchoring or bottom fishing may take place in this area.

Good fishing and see you on the water.

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