Fishing Report

12th October 2003


Summer’s on it’s way, and with it the first signs of our summer season fish.   Yellowtail at the Point and inside False Bay, Cape Salmon around, Kob along the sandy stretches and Tuna back in the area.

Yellowtail to start with.   With the massive shoals of Anchovy around the Cape Point area, the Yellowtail are around in their thousands but the downside is that they are so preoccupied with chasing the little bait fish that it is almost impossible to get them to take a lure or bait.   The fish we have been catching have been taken predominantly on the spoon (spinner) with the odd one on the smaller plastic lures.   It’s hard to understand the frustration when hundreds of these Yellowtail are boiling around the boat, close enough to touch, and they just ignore whatever you put in the water.  For those of you less sporting anglers, yes you could just gaff them out the water.

The Yellowtail have also started moving into False Bay with fish being reported along the Fish Hoek / Glencairn area.   For the spinner fishermen who frequent Rooikraans, the fish have been moving along this stretch so it could be worth a look, especially during and after the South Easterly winds.

Snoek are still feeding well in Buffels Bay as well as outside Cape Point.   The fish inside the Bay have been showing a preference for the 40 meter water depth and with your anchor down and a fair bit of chumming, you will have loads of fun.   The Snoek are taking well on baits and spinners.

With the beginning of the South Easterly winds the Kob have moved into the NW corner of False Bay.  Some nice fish in the 15 to 20 kg class have been coming out from Kalk Bay to Strandfontein.   It’s worth a look wherever the water has been disturbed after the winds.

There’s a few shoals of Cape Salmon (Geelbek) around the Point and SW Reef area but they are moving around.   They, like the Yellowtail, are chasing the Anchovy shoals so your best bet is to find a feeding flock or Terns and drift over the area with whole Pilchards fished deep down.   If you are proficient with your echo-sounder you should look for something that resembles a red block on or near the ground, stop on top of it and drop your baits into the block, you may be pleasantly surprised.

There have been some Elf (Shad) along the sandy beaches and with the SE winds now becoming more prevalent, you will start to find some very nice Kob coming out.    Watch the moon and try to pick a dark night unless you want to wade through the Barbel before you catch the first Kob.   Your best baits will be fresh squid, pilchards and bloodworm.

Tight lines, catch the big one and fish responsibly.

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