Fishing Report

1st May 2003


The past two weeks have seen better catches of Yellowfin Tuna along with a few scattered Albacore (Longfin) Tuna amongst them.   Most of our Yellowfin have been between 15 to 30 kilograms but they are keen to rise to the lures and catches of 12 to 18 fish a day have been common place.

There are some nice shoals of Yellowtail at Cape Point but watch the cool currents which seem to flow in from day to day.   When the water temperature drops below 16 degrees they become almost impossible to catch.   Although there are still a few at Seal Island, the run in this area is almost over for the year.

Catches of Cape Salmon and Kob have slowed down considerably as the water cools down for winter but if one looks hard enough, they can still be found.

Here is an extract from an e-mail I received lately from one of our popular local anglers.   His concerns are most relevant and certainly give food for thought.

I am a rock and surf angler frequently visiting the coastline between strandfontein and macasser,as you might know, this is where many a cob, elf, wit stomp, galjoen and last,…….last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  but not least White Steenbras has been landed over the years,besides the hundreds and thousands of slaughtered barbel and hound sharks which frequent these areas. Before i query about where the updated reports are, I just wanted to put you into the light about one of the trek netters who does’nt regard the law, also who does not respect his marine resources and his fellow capetonians, its about our white steenbras mate!……..these ou’s are stealing juvenile whities in broad daylight sticking countless numbers of them  down there trousers…..jerseys….jackets etc. Obviously they are undersized if it can fit down your trousers without being noticed.

They are contributing hugely to the extinction of this species. If not extinction they are definitely going to cause drastic depletion in our areas and elsewhere due to the fact that these species ‘travel’ long distances and spawns and grows at a slow rate. What can we do about this major catastrophe ?  When I told this specific trek netter about his continous wrongdoings, he told me to off!!!  Dit is v…ck all met my te doen nie!……we HAVE TO DO SOMETHING,as we are the people in the community that has the huge amount of knowledge about our coastline and its available and restricted resources.

Oh yes,nearly forgot…….here are some activity for you to distribute to those daring fishermen out there whose got the guts to get out of bed at 2 in the morning. st.Joseph,or (elephant fish) coming out at macasser every morning at between 3:00 – 4:30. This is during our spring tide week, I think that the steenbras will feed during neap tide next week at the blockhiusie or the cones( Macasser),use live bloodworm and prawn,mixed grill it with a strip  of sardine because there are still some cricket bat elf being landed by myself and colleages(1-4 kilo).you only get them at this time.Galjoen of 2 kilos each are also still landed on this sandy  stretch with wonderworm being the staple diet, so gear up with all the correct baits possible leave out the white mussel and waste of time rooi aas, fish don’t want this anymore, they  have been fed this enough by you people. We are preferably looking for the Steenbras,there are no reports on this!!!! “

Thanks for your report Andre’, I know many anglers will find your comments most useful.   With regards the White Steenbras, the same arguments have gone on ever since I can remember and the attitude of the net fishermen has not changed.   As they have been able to get away with this practice for so long due to ineffective policing, they now see it as their right to take anything from the sea, irrespective of size or closed season.

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