Fishing Report

12th March 2003


I’ve just been reminded by one of our regular readers, that I have not updated the report.   In his words “the fishing must be good”.   Nazeem, you hit the nail on the head, as the latest set of pictures in the gallery will show.

Apart from the odd few days of wind the fishing has generally been excellent.   The Yellowtail have been concentrated at Cape Point and around Seal Island / York shoal / East shoal areas.   The fish this time of year are of a good class with an average weight of 4 kg there are also a number of fish which will go over the 12kg class.   These fish are currently feeding on Pilchards / Sardines so are more prone to eating a larger lure.   On the days when they are a little offish they will often still eat a spoon cast to the surface shoals.   We have been successful with TR4 Tuna Runners and M4 Mean Machines as well as CD 18 Rapalas and Impalas.

There have been some nice shoals of Cape Salmon / Geelbek around York and East Shoals as well as at Cape Point at night.  These fish have been around the 4 to 10 kg class.  Using a whole Pilchard on a 10/0 hook, about a meter off the ground has been most successful.

We have had one trip to the Tuna grounds so far this month.  This is mainly because this time of year the fish are smaller and often very difficult to find as they can move far overnight.   The water has ranged from 14 to 23 degrees and all the fish seem to be concentrated along the current line where the temperature changes from 15 to around 19 degrees.   On our day to the grounds we managed to account for 31 Albacore (Longfin) Tuna in the 8 to 12 kg class.

For the next few weeks I would recommend looking for Yellowtail around the Cape Point / Bellows / Dias Beach / Anvil area and Seal Island / York Shoal / East Shoal area.   Cape Salmon on York and East Shoals (or Cape Point at night).  Kob in depths of 15 to 20 meters from Strandfontein Pavilion through to Macassar.  When it comes to Tuna I suggest waiting a couple of weeks to be sure you will find the shoals – it’s a long day when you can’t find a fish.

From the shore I suggest looking for Yellowtail at Rooikrans, Dias Beach, Simonstown, Sunny Cove and Kalk Bay with spoons and surface poppers.   Kob are still being taken off the sandy beaches early evening and at first light.   Those illusive Steenbras are feeding late at night on bloodworm and sand prawns.

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