Fishing Report

20th November 2002


Well so much for my intended weekly report.  The obstacle I have found is that with being on the boats every day tiredness beats me in the evenings.

The fishing has been excellent for the past three weeks and looks set to continue for the summer.  In the Tuna grounds the fishing has been patchy until this week when the Albacore (Longfin), in the 10 to 20 kg class, switched on like a light.  Lat / Long numbers currently are 34:20 / 17:48 to 34:26 / 17:55.  There are also some Yellowfin around in the area although, as usual for this time of year, there are a number of smaller fish in the 30 to 35 kg class.

The Yellowtail are massed in huge shoals in the Cape Point / Anvil / Bellows area and also on Rocky Bank.   In the last few days we have had catches of between 30 and 70 fish ranging in size from 2 to 9 kg.   The most effective lures have been CD 14 Rapalas with Williamson TR 3 Tuna Runners and the now legendry Cedar Plugs.   Colours have been Orange up until 11 am and then Green / Yellows until 2 pm going back to Oranges.   The plain wood Cedar Plugs have been working all day.

We have had some good class of Kob and Geelbek (Cape Salmon) in the last two weeks.  The Kob have averaged in size from 14 to 20 kg (averaging 4 a trip) and the Geelbek from 5 to 12 Kg. Our catches of Kob have been throughout the day as the South Easterly winds drop.  The area we have found to be most productive is that off Strandfontein and Kapteins Klip.   The best baits have been Maasbanker, Pilchard and Squid.

Lots of Carp being caught now in the Seekoeivlei although these fish are relatively small.  The rivers are fishing well for Rainbow Trout as are the dams in the Paarl / Stellenbosch area.

Beaches should produce some good catches of Kob during the strong South Easterly winds.  I just haven’t had a chance to throw a line off the beach for weeks now.  Please someone let me know what’s happening

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