Fishing Report

20th December 2002


The past two weeks have seen some varied and exciting fishing.  As the days of strong South Easterly winds came to an end the Kob and Geelbek came on the feed.   We found some large Kob in the 13 to 20 kg range from Kalk Bay through to Kapteins Klip.   The same area also produced some nice catches of Geelbek (Cape Salmon) for us and the commercial boats which ventured down to the area early in the morning and late afternoon.

These fish will remain in this area for a few months now so whenever the SE winds blow hard, prepare for some good fishing as it subsides.   As there will be a lot of small fish about I suggest fishing with an 8/0 hook and a whole pilchard.

The Snoek have remained in the area off Millers Point (my secret Snoek grounds) and so long as the bait fish remain in False Bay they should stay a while longer.   I feel they could move towards Buffels Bay towards the end of the month so if they go quiet, this will be the next place to look.

The Yellowtail went off the feed due to the cold water that moved onto the Cape Point area about 2 weeks ago but the good news is that this water has now warmed up and they are feeding again.   There has also been some big Yellowtail off Strandfontein.

Our last run to the Tuna grounds was on Tuesday.  At the numbers 34:44 and 18:11 we found a nice class of Longfin (Albacore) Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna.   The water was a warm 20 degrees and blue.  However with the moon in its bright phase right now the fish will feed mainly early in the morning and again late in the afternoon.   I tested the new range of colours in the Williamson Tuna Runners (TR 2) and Mean Machines (M 2) with excellent success, even more pulls than on our imported Japanese lures which usually produce many fish.

The warm water was moving in towards the Point at an alarming rate and I believe we could expect it around the Bellows by the weekend.   Don’t be surprised if the Yellowfin come in with it so take a couple of heavy outfits to the Point with you.

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