Fishing Report

23rd October 2002


If it’s Yellowtail you want then Cape Point is the area.   The fish are plentiful but very skittish.   They have been feeding very early in the morning and then again from about 2 pm.   They are feeding on huge shoals of Anchovies about a mile beyond the Bellows and in the afternoons, around the Anvil.  Our catches over the past ten days have seen two good days of 64 fish and 42 fish, with all others ranging from 16 fish, to 3 fish.   Few fish are being taken on the troll lines, so the best practice has been to stop near a shoal and spin for them.

Yesterday we also found some Snoek around the Bellows.   Feeding very deep at around 30 to 40 meters.  Just find them on the echo sounder and drop a spoon down to them.

Some fine Yellowfin Tuna in the 50 to 70 kg class have made an appearance over the past two days.  lat / long 34:32 / 18:07 down to 34:40 / 18:03.  A few Longfin tuna were caught yesterday, no many but they should start in earnest soon as the moon gets a little darker.

And yes, Kob and Geelbek along the Kapteins Klip area on Sunday.  There are lots of bait fish in the bay and when the strong SE winds finally blow we should see some great catches being made.

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