Fishing Report

14th April 2003


Although we have had some fairly unseasonal weather these past few weeks, the fishing has been regularly good.   Unfortunately the water at Cape Point has turned cold and the shoals of Yellowtail, Cape Salmon, Skipjacks and small Yellowfin Tuna which were feeding well, moved out of the area.  The Yellowtail have remained around the Seal Island and York Shoal areas where they are actively feeding on Anchovies but seem to be staying on the surface longer when feeding on the Pilchard / Sardine shoals.

The more productive way of catching these fish lately has been slow trolling deep diving plugs and light green Tuna Runners about a meter behind soft birds.  The best way however, has  been to drift towards the feeding shoals and cast spoons, plugs or poppers at them.

The Tuna have started to arrive, albeit in small numbers.   There are small Yellowfin from 8 miles off Cape Point along with huge shoals of Skipjack Tuna.   A few Marlin have been sighted and hooked but unfortunately with the lighter monofilament traces used in Tuna fishing, the fights have all gone the Marlin’s way.

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