Fishing Report

5th December 2002


The South Easterly winds are here in full force, blowing up to 40 knots at times.  However the fish are plentiful when the winds give us a break.

There are massive shoals of Albacore (Longfin) Tuna around 34:30 S / 18:04 E.  Between 50 and 80 fish on a boat is not uncommon.   There are also some nice sized Yellowfin in the area with one of 89kg being caught recently.

Yellowtail are at Cape Point in huge quantities.   During a break in the wind on Monday we managed to catch 18 fish within an hour on our way from Hout Bay to Simonstown.   By far the most productive lures have been the Williamson Tuna Runners (TR3 size) and Mean Machines (M3 size), in green / orange, black / red and chartreuse / black stripe.   Fish these lures close to the boat about 4 to 6 meters back, in the prop wash.

Geelbek (Cape Salmon) have been eating like crazy late afternoon and into the night and again in the early hours of the morning, at Cape Point.   There are also fish off the Caravan Reef outside Millers Point.   Pilchards and Squid fished off the bottom have produced the best results.

Still huge shoals of Snoek on my “Secret Reef” just off Millers Point.   It’s easy to find, there are literally hundreds of boats fishing on it every morning.   Drift pilchards and spinners are all you need.

The Kob and Geelbek (Cape Salmon) are all along the coast from Kalk Bay to Swartklip whenever the winds allow you down there.   The water must be warm and discoloured to a milky green.   Best baits have been Pilchards, Squid and live Maasbankers.

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