Fishing Report

8th February 2003


Well I’ve finally got time off the water – the wind came through at last.   We’ve been on the water for almost three weeks without a break and to say the fishing has been excellent would not be doing it justice.   We’ve had Tuna, Yellowtail, Cape Salmon, Kob, Sharks, Snoek, and our first Marlin strike of the season.

On Thursday we did our first Marlin run of the season and managed to raise a fish on a prototype lure we are busy testing for Williamson Lures.   More on this lure when it is released.   Our strike came about 14 miles SW of Cape Point in 23 degrees of water.

During the past week we have had Albacore (Longfin), small Yellowfin and Skipjack Tuna from 8 to 19 miles off the Point, 240 to 260 degrees.

At Cape Point there have been some nice shoals of Yellowtail especially towards SW Reefs.  Also Cape Salmon in the area during the dark hours.    Snoek made an appearance off Scarborough but that seems to have now tapered off.    There are however some small Snoek off the Point.

We’ve had some very nice class of Kob and Cape Salmon along the Strandfontein area in 18 meters of water.   They were feeding well during the day but the pattern has now changed to night feeding.

Still some Squid (Chokka) in Fish Hoek Bay with a couple of Cape Salmon coming out at the Quarry.

We have had Yellowtail from Seal Island to Simonstown although they have not always played ball with us.   They seem to prefer the spinners to the lures as they have been a bit skittish.

Not much happening on the beaches except for some Shad (Elf) and the odd nice class Kob.

Prospects are looking good for the immediate future so get that tackle out and head to your favorite fishing spot.  Tight lines.

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