Fishing Report

10th October 2002


The Yellowtail have finally started to feed with a little more respect.  The shoals are feeding between Bellows and SW Reefs (about 3 miles outside Cape Point).   However, they are on the surface for a very short time and gone again so trolling can be very frustrating.   We found the best method at the moment is to work the general area of the birds and find a pod of Anchovies on the echo sounder.   Stop the boat, switch off one motor and spin – the shoal will move up around the boat and you should be able to catch a few quite quickly.   Our best day this week has been 31 fish last Sunday.

The Snoek are quiet in Buffels Bay at the moment but there are shoals outside the Point.  Watch the echo sounder for shoals at around 15 to 30 meters and drop spinners and baits down to them.

There are a few Longfin Tuna and the odd Yellowfin at the co-ordinates 34.39 / 18.04. (about 24 miles off the Point)  The Longfin are in the 10 to 15 kg class and the Yellowfin are mixed with small fish around 25 kg and bigger fish of 50 kg+.

Good catches of Geelbek (Cape Salmon) off Steenbras River mouth when the seas are strong.   Some have been caught in Buffels Bay at the same time.

No Kob or Geelbek yet, despite the SE winds.  This should change any day now.

Watch out there are a lot of Whales in False Bay at the moment.   We had one come up under the boat while we were anchored catching Snoek in Buffels Bay.  It gently lifted the boat and put it back in the water.   Quite scary but we got some awesome video footage.  And yes, we quickly removed the fly rods from the water (no records for Southern Right Whales on 6kg tippets)

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