Fishing Report

July 2002


Snoek are plentiful from Kommetjie Lighthouse all the way through to Cape Point.   I think that given the current weather conditions they should be in Buffels Bay by the weekend.   Fish are averaging 2 to 6 kg and are in good condition.

Shoals of Yellowtail are still all around Cape Point, in the SW Reefs / Bellows Rock / Anvil area and Rocky Bank.   Although the water remains a cool 14°c, they still come on the feed in patches.   The main concentrations have been feeding very late in the day.

Steenbras have been coming out at Gordons Bay harbour, most likely because of the dredging so sand prawns and bloodworms will be the best baits.   Galjoen are still coming out along Strandfontein although there are a number of undersized fish amongst them.

On Monday we were involved in a rescue when the boat, Sailors Joy was rammed, while on anchor, by a large purse seine netting boat, Bella Prima.  This kind of tragedy is always very sad and unnecessary, especially given the clear weather on the day.   If one is to learn something from the unfortunate loss of life, it would be never to take for granted that the other vessel will take evasive action – always be ready and keep a constant watch, especially when big boats are operating in the area.

Fishing is back in full swing.  Yellowtail at Cape Point and Snoek at Kommetjie again yesterday.  The Yellowtail started off very slowly in water of 14,2°c, usually a little cool but the signs were good.  Action started around 2:00pm in the area between Bellows Rock and SW Reefs, and lasted about an hour.  Thereafter the odd fish were taken.  We accounted for the majority of our fish, in the 4 to 6 kg class, on the new Cedar plugs we’re testing for Williamson Lures, more specifically the plain wood lure.   See the tackle test for our report on them.

The Snoek have been plentiful from Kommetjie to the Thomas Tucker wreck just south of Scarborough.   These fish have averaged around the 2 to 5 kg mark.  However they have sometimes been a bit finicky with some commercial boats doing well (400 – 600 fish) while others almost nothing.   I did notice good showings of Snoek on the echo-sounder yesterday – off the back of Bellows Rock and towards Rocky Bank.

There have been a few Steenbras, in the 5 to 12 kg class, off the beaches lately.  Taken mainly on sand prawns and bloodworm from last light until the early hours of the morning.   Galjoen are still coming out from the gullies along the coast.

Rivers are flowing strong at the moment and closed for Trout angling, however the dams and lakes are producing some very nice fish.   This is the Trout’s spawning time and they can be very aggressive feeders, especially if your fly has orange in it.

The Carp are in winter feeding mode which necessitates stronger flavours and the likes, however they are eating well despite the cool weather.

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