Fishing Report

June 2002


The Yellowtail have really played ball over the past few weeks.  Although being driven away by the weather now and again, they have been present at the Bellows, SW Reefs and Rocky Bank every day.   We have managed some good days of over 50 fish with bad days of 4 to 5 fish in between.

The Snoek have finally made their appearance.   Some nice class fish around 3 to 4 kg have congregated off Slangkop Lighthouse, the Thomas Tucker wreck, Cape Point and Buffels Bay.   Over the next few days we should see some great catches – shoals should now last until November.

Tuna have gone on their annual holiday to some sunny spot way out in the ocean.   They will be back late September (if the SW winds blow consistently during August) or early October.

Galjoen fishing has been good all along the coast with the strong seas we’ve had lately.  A few Steenbras have come out but one has to be brave to spend the night on a freezing cold beach.

Carp and Trout have been feeding well in the lakes and dams.  The Bass are still rather lethargic and will remain so until the waters start to warm up.

Whales have started arriving in False Bay where we have sighted pods of 5 or 6 Southern Rights entering around Cape Point.  Their activity within the bay will increase during the coming months with main concentrations being around in August and September.

It’s been a bleak few weeks gone past with still no encouraging signs on the horizon.  Apart from the very odd Yellowtail we’ve managed to scrounge at Cape Point there’s not been a fish in sight.  There are however some nice Gully Sharks between Cape Point and Bellows Rock for those interested.

A few Squid (chokka) in Buffels Bay although you will have to scratch around for them.  Some Snoek made a brief appearance at Stompneus Bay on the West Coast but that’s all over now.

The only encouragement I can give right now is that the Snoek should start to make a worthwhile appearance any day now.  Where or when is anybody’s guess.   When the weather settles there should be some Yellowtail on Rocky Bank and at the Bellows.

Even the beaches have been quiet with only a few Galjoen coming out.   Plenty in the Cape Point nature reserve but as per usual, they are all small.

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