Fishing Report

August 2002


The weather finally cleared and the seas settled quickly – and the fish were there in abundance.   The Snoek are plentiful off Cape Point and all along the Buffels Bay coast (depths of 20 meters and deeper).   They are feeding on small pilchards and anchovies so the baits, spinners and lures are working well.   Hout Bay through to the Thomas Tucker wreck (just passed Scarbourgh) has also been producing excellent catches.

It looks like August is once again going to be an excellent month for the Yellowtail.   They are feeding all around the Cape Point / Anvil / SW Reefs area as well as Rocky Bank.   Our catches of 30 to 60 fish in a day have not been uncommon lately.   Shoals are pretty easy to locate as the birds are working well on the shoals, however you will also find a lot of Snoek under the birds.  This can be annoying if your target fish is Yellowtail.  I have found that moving away from the diving birds and watching for the small Terns (Sterritjies) we have been more successful.

We have been very successful with the genuine Cedar plugs in yellow / green / blue combination and the plain wood (the plastic ones are not working).   Also my ‘V’ back spoon made by Ashley Read (it is available in the shops) and also the white and pink Yamashita squid.  Deep diving plugs have not been working that well and they also attract a lot of Snoek.

There are big shoals of Yellowtail and Snoek up at Ysterfontein for those willing to brave the launch ramp and have patience to allow the commercial fleet to carry on their business.

Galjoen are feeding all along the coast from Blouberg to Hermanus (probably further but we have not tries those spots lately).   Steenbras are a little quiet except of the Strand / Gordons Bay area.

In the dams the Trout are feeding well with some sizable fish being taken lately in the Paarl / Stellenbosh area and also the Bokkeveld.  Although you will find the odd Bass and a few Carp, the cool weather switches them off – they should start feeding well again late in September.

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