In-shore Game Fishing – Cape Town

The warmer waters in False Bay are the home to shoals of hard fighting Southern Yellowtail, which average in size from 2 to 12 kilograms, though these fish grow to over 40-Kg. Regular concentrations are found at Cape Point and along the Western Seaboard of False Bay where these stubborn fighters tax even the most experienced angler to the limit. Striking fast on the trolled lures, fly, jigs & spoons they are quick to dive deep in search of an underwater obstacle to sever the line. Yellowtail fishing is part finesse and part brute strength but thrilling for every second.

This exciting form of fishing takes anglers close to the foaming white waters of Bellows Rock, along South West Reefs and up against the cliffs of the Point. Expected catches can range from a couple of fish to well over 100 in a day. Caught mainly by trolling, casting a fly and spinning (jigging), Yellowtail offer great sport for both the light tackle and saltwater fly enthusiast.
During the cooler months, May to October, the Cape Snoek run takes place, when the sea literally comes alive with writhing silver fish that bite as fast as you can put a line in the water. Some of the fastest and hardest fly fishing action you will ever find in the world. Fish with a rod and reel or with the traditional Cape hand-line. A truly great Cape experience.

With the commercial Snoek fleet packed tightly over the shoals fishing becomes hectic as the fish rise to the surface grabbing baits and lures right next to the boat. Ranging in size from 2 to 8 kg the Snoek gives a good account of itself on any tackle. Light tackle angling for these fish is a must for the experienced angler where their skill can be honed on the fast multitude of strikes