Reef Fishing

Offshore Sport fishing Charters Reef FishingA quick run to the fishing grounds in False Bay, off Cape Point or along the Atlantic seaboard with each venue offering different species of fish to catch.

In False Bay one can expect to find Kabeljou which grow to over 50kg , Cape Salmon (Geelbek) up to 12 Kg and the usual White and Red Stumpnose, Roman, Elf (Shad, Bluefish), Mackerel, Maasbanker, Sharks, Rays, Skates and even the occasional White Steenbras. Off Cape Point and along the Atlantic coast you will find Roman, Silverfish, chartkobPanga, Hottentot, Fransmadam, Steentjies, Hake, Jakopever and Galjoen.

With high powered Echo-Sounders (sonar) connected to a Global Positioning System (GPS) we are able to
locate the productive reefs with pin-point accuracy giving you the ultimate opportunity to catch the target species. The seasons are year-round and our skippers carefully monitor conditions to ensure an accurate assessment of where to go and what fish to best expect for the day.