Shark Fishing

Offshore Sport fishing Charters Shark FishingDue to the abundance of marine life off the Cape coast many species of shark are attracted to the area. We do not target Great White Sharks as they are protected in South African waters, however if they are inadvertently hooked while fishing for other species, we release them with the lest stress and harm possible.

In our waters one can expect to find over 50 species of shark including the Mako, Blue Shark, Thresher, Bronze Whaler, Ragged Tooth and Hammerhead, ranging in size from 10 to well over 500 kg. Shark fishing is done mainly in the sheltered warmer waters of False Bay around our secret reefs where the large sharks often visit.

Shark fishing is a highly physical sport with some fights lasting an hour or more. It is therefore recommended that anyone wishing to partake be in a good physical condition. Although you are seated in a fighting chair the only harness you wear is connected to the reel so the full impact of the fight and brute strength is felt by the angler.

Due to the number of very large sharks hooked during the past season we have limited all tackle on Shark outings to a minimum of 80 and 130 pound line classes. Our reasoning for this is so that we are able to bring all the fish boat-side to tag and cleanly release them – no traces trailing behind them (also so you can get some awesome photo’s of your catch).